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Top Metal Songs List for 2016

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Top Metal Songs List for 2016

Metal Music: Enjoy the Blasting Magic of Metal songs

Is it accurate to say that you are completely infatuated with head blasting? We provide for you this crushing new list of the top metal songs in 2016 that’ll comprise of your most loved metal heads! Right from the epic ‘Lamb of God’ to the amazing ‘Megadeath’ this list comprises of a portion of the best and most loved craftsmen in metal. In case you’re hunting down a list that features the newest metal songs then this is the right source in light of the fact that we bring to you groups like ‘Slipknot’, ‘Tool’ and bounty other metal groups that are totally adored in the metal music industry.

top metal songs 2016

Metal Today – Youth Enjoy Heavy Music

Is it accurate to say that you are sick of hip-bounce and pop music? It is safe to say that you are completely longing for some head blasting and unadulterated metal guitar performances? Do you miss the in-your-face rhythms and the crushing snarls of the vocalists? Do you miss a list that gimmicks all the new metal songs in 2016? We bring to you this stunning arrangement of the top metal songs will be releasing where right from “Meshugga” to your most loved band “Metallica” some astonishing tracks can be expected this season.

We offer to you news about the approaching collections in metal. In case you’re totally happy about the most recent metal releases then this arrangement of the new metal songs will be featuring ideal tracks for all you metal heads. “Goijra” is one of the enormous five groups which will release its next collection this impending season, so simply check out the top metal songs in this season. Metal is a genre that began from rock however became a separate entity once music and lyrics were given a heavy bass in the rhythm. There are tons of metal fans in the world today where bands like Alice in Chains, Iron Maiden, ACDC are still popular.

List of the Top Metal Songs in 2016

01- Halls of Valhalla – Judas Priest
02- Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer – Behemoth
03- Chimes at Midnight – Mastodon
04- The Negative One – Slipknot
05- Armorist – Overkill
06- While We Sleep – Insomnium
07- Salt the Wound – Exodus
08- Order of Dracul – Septicflesh
09- True Hallucination Speak – Cynic
10- Cusp of Eternity – Opeth
11- War Eternal – Arch Enemy
12- Boleskine House – Triptykon
13- Celestial Effigy – Agalloch
14- Tessellation – With Our Arms to the Sun
15- Triumph of Death – Vader
16- Gloryhole – Steel Panther
17- Baring Teeth For Revolt – Goatwhore
18- Implode – Slayer
19- We Knew Him Well – Down
20- Heavy Bough – Alunah

Enjoy Metal Magic in this year

Perhaps thrash metal is your kind? Metallica’s most current songs in this arrangement of the top metal songs 2016 will be releasing? In case you’re listening to groups like ‘Slipknot’, ‘Lamb of God’, “Pantera” and so on, and after that you’ll delight in realizing that some new groups have come up with distinct genres in the field of metal. Death metal is another subtype that features bands like ‘Anathema’, Amorphis etc while doom metal consists of ‘My Dying Bride’ as a popular metal band.

Whether it is ‘Slayer’, ‘Korn’ or the epic ‘Metallica’, check out the newest metal songs in 2016 with some crushing hits by all the metal groups out there on the planet. Is it accurate to say that you are having a craving for listening to no-nonsense metal? Right from listening to songs composed by the classic metal band, ‘Opeth’ to waiting eagerly for songs from ‘Tool’, metal songs is a genre that has become a craze and fashion of its own.

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